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Wave analysis: more valuable than traders realise

Dear Traders,

Many Forex and CFD traders try to apply the Elliott Wave theory for a short while...

...but the majority quickly moves on to the next indicator or tool.

Why does this happen?

Most traders understand, at least partly, the wave theory but find it difficult to apply it...

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8 economic indicators that may predict recession

Dear traders,

By definition, economic recession is a period of at least two consecutive quarters when the economy is in decline.

It is typically accompanied by an increase in unemployment, decline in the housing market and a drop in the stock market – decline in GDP.

Though recession is less...

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Quick guide: how to keep your mind on target

Dear Traders,

Have you ever felt a strong urge to check your email, social media or news instead of doing your work?

With distractions all around us, it comes as no surprise that we sometimes struggle to maintain our focus when trading.

This article offers insight on how traders can...

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Black Thursday flash crash GBP: What really happened?

Dear Traders,

As we could see it on the night of 7 October, the GBP currency suddenly fell across the basket of currencies and no one knows why.

It was the collapse of sterling.

Unfortunately, the event was bad for many Forex brokers who reported different lows.

What could have


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Learn how simple slogans help your trading

Dear Traders,

Preparing and implementing a trading plan is critical when formulating a consistent approach.

The trading plan helps traders reduce emotional reactions to price volatility.

However, most traders notice a gap between theoretical trading and actual trading.

Trade ideas may seem simple on paper but the situation can quickly...

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