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Forex & CFD markets after the Italian referendum 2016

Dear Traders,

The political developments in 2016 have certainly caused their fair share of turbulence and market volatility, which for the moment show no signs of stopping.

The latest event was the "NO" vote regarding the Italian constitutional amendment in the national referendum that took place on 4 December 2016....

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Forex & CFD strategy and tools to trade the Italian referendum 2016

Source: MT4 Supreme Edition

Dear Traders,

The Italian referendum has been intensively analysed in our Italian constitutional referendum 2016.

… a wide range of areas are reviewed, such as the expected economic performance, the potential political storm, and the investment sentiment.

Today's article will translate this analysis into a...

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Italian referendum poll: Possible impact on Europe and financial markets

The article is prepared by Giancarlo Prisco, trading strategist and analyst for Admiral Markets for the Spanish and Italian markets. He has been Financial Advisor for Finanza&Futuro (Deutsche Bank Group).

Licensed in Economy and Financial Institutions by Bergamo University (Italy), based his thesis in the Technical Analysis field.


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​Translating analysis into concrete trading decisions

Dear Traders,

Did you ever wonder why setting up analysis seems simple but trading turns out to be more complex?

Or perhaps you have noticed the opposite…

…that trading comes natural and effortless but setting up analysis is a major headache.

Why are most traders better at analysis and others...

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Astronomy and financial markets - is there any connection?

Dear Traders,

Biological and psychological research of the past suggests that lunar phases might affect human behaviour and mood.

I am a price action trader who has never tested these claims in practise…

...but I do know some things and facts that I think connect astronomy to the stock market...

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