Fundamental Analysis

What is Happening to Equities ?

Depression moving in from the east

Markets remain by and large in a depressed state, following on from a sell off on Friday after the Non-event, Non-Farm Payrolls. Whilst it's not entirely clear what the catalyst was for the US sell off, we can surmise that the low ball Non–Farm...

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Absence of Top-Tier Economics Could Hold-Back This Week’s Forex Moves

During early days of the last week, the US Dollar Index (I.USDX) was dragged down by disappointing economic data-points and dovish comments from some of the FOMC members which tamed speculations that the US Federal Reserve could stick to its plan of four interest-rate hikes in 2016. The downfall was...

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Round two for Non-Farm Payrolls 2016

That time of the month again

This Friday (05-02-2016) will see the release of the second Unemployment Situation or Non-Farm Payrolls report in 2016 and the first that will reflect the data from the New Year (the number released in January having been the data for December). The unemployment data...

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Central Bankers And Job Details To Offer Another Volatile Week

With a surprise negative rate announcement by the BoJ and dovish messages from the ECB and BoE heads, market players' attention again shifted towards the monetary policy divergence between the US Federal Reserve and rest of the major central banks, helping the US Dollar Index (I.USDX) to close the week...

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A tale of three banks

Central banks centre stage

As we enter the finishing straight for January central banks take centre stage once more. Last Thursday Mario Draghi and the ECB set the ball rolling. Mr Draghi, no doubt chastened by the market's reaction to his non-event in December, was more expansive, suggesting that the...

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